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Cebora CP 160 Plasma Torch Spares

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CP 160 Cebora Plasma Torch Spares

Plasma torch spares for the Cebora CP160 Plasma torch.  Many of these part numbers are also suitable for the P150 plasma torch.  Please be aware that these spares are not genuine Cebora parts.

A parts diagram representative of all spares and consumables that the CP 160 takes is shown in the image, with corresponding part numbers in the table below.

The most popular parts can be selected by description and part number from the dropdown options above. If you require a plasma torch part from the diagram which is not available above, please let us know and we can provide a quotation.






1 Torch Head (C1353) Contact Nozzle Ret Cap – Long Life (C1006)
2 Torch Head (C1354) 16 Spring Holder Protection Nut (C1007)
3 ‘O’ Ring (C1398) 10Pack 17 Spring Spacer For Spring Holder Protection nut (C1008)
4 Diffuser (C1378) 18 Gouging Spacer (C1009)
5 Front Insulator – Vespel (C1017) 19 Spacer For  Contact Cutting – Hand use with No. 8, 15, 24 (C1010)
6 Electrode Hafnium (C1376) Spacer For Contact Cutting – hand use with No. 10, 15, 24 (C1011)
7 Swirl Ring – Vespel (C1377) 20 Spacer – Machine use with No. 8, 15, 24 (C1012)
8 Cutting Tip 1.1 (C1371) Spacer – Machine use with No. 10, 15, 24 (C1013)
Cutting Tip 1.35 (C1372) 21 Shield Cap – Hand Max 50A (C1014)
Cutting Tip 1.6 (C1373) 22 Spacer For Contact Cutting – Hand (C1015)
Cutting Tip 1.8 (C1374) 23 Spacer For Extended Tips High Amp
Gouging Tip 3.0 (C1375) 24 Locking Nut (C1016)
9 Nozzle Retaining Cap ( C1389) 25 Spacer C/W Springs (C1004)
10 Contact Cutting Tip (C1390) 26 Spacer Springs (C1005)
Contact Cutting Tip 1.6 (C1391) 27 Stand Off Spring (C1386)
Contact Cutting Tip 1.8 (C1392) 28 Double Pointed Spacer (C1408)
11 Extended Diffuser (C1018) 29 Crown Spacer (C1409)
12 Extended Electrode (C1517) 30 Gouging Spacer (C1406)
13 Extended Contact Cutting Tip – 50A (C1369) 31 Extractor For Swirl Ring (C1509)
14 Extended Cutting Tip 1.35 (C1390) – 150A 32 Handle C/W Switch – Hand Torch (C910)
Extended Cutting Tip 1.6 – 120A 33 Handle Machine Torch (C3055623)
Extended Tip 1.8 – 150A (C1003) 35 Cable Assembly Hand Torch
15 Contact Nozzle Retaining Cap (C1393) 36 Central Connector C/W 6 Pins (C534)


We advise checking your torch looks the same as that in the diagram in case a different torch has been added to the machine or was sent out from the factory with a different style.

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1. Torch Head, 3. 'O' Ring (10 Pack), 4. Diffuser, 5. Front Insulator Vespel, 6. Electrode Hafnium (5 Pack), 7. Swirl Ring Vespel, 8. Gouging Tip 3.0 (10 Pack), 9.Nozzle Retaining Cap, 25. Spacer C/W Springs, 26. Spacer Springs (5 Pack), 27. Stand Off Spring (5 Pack), 30. Gouging Spacer