Cam Type Welding Gauge

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  • 0 – 50mm
  • Weld Inspection
  • Gauge for Weld Measurement
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Cam Type Welding Gauge (0 – 50mm)

A cam type or bridge cam gauge for inspection of welds.  The handy tool measures angle of preparation, outside misalignment, weld reinforcement, fillet weld throat depth and leg length, as well as undercut.

All increments are clearly engraved for easy viewing.  They are intended for general dimensional inspection of welded fabrications where close tolerances are not expected.

The gauge is helpful to check welds.  A weld should always be slightly convex and these handy little gauges allow for a quick check to ensure the weld is not concave.



Place the legs of the tool squarely on the parent material and rotate the cam until it rests squarely on the angled section to be measured (For example, the bevel of a pipe).  The opposing side of the rotating segment will align with an angle measurement to give a reading of the prepared angle.  The process can be repeated with the gauge each time an amendment has been made, to ensure the correct angle is ready for welding.



Place a leg of the tool firmly on one section of parent material.  Rotate the cam until the pointed edge meets with the section being checked.  The gauge will then provide a measurement in mm or inches of how far misaligned the other section is.

For example, if welding two sections of pipe together, you may wish to check if the two parts are tacked in perfect alignment before they are welded together.  The gauge provides a quick way to check if the alignment is correct and if not, how far out it is.



Place the legs of the tool on the parent material and rotate the cam so that the point is in contact with the highest point of the weld.  The gauge will then give a measurement in mm or inches as to the height of the weld.



Loosen the mitre sliding scale and place it on the face of the weld.  Push the mitre slide onto the weld until both edges of the gauge make contact with the two 90° pieces of material.  The slide will now display the measurement of the fillet weld throat depth.



Firmly place the gauges legs on the parent material.  Slide the cam until the point contacts the toe of the weld and the gauge will display the leg length.



Place the legs of the gauge onto the material and rotate the cam so that the point goes into the suspected undercut or pit.  The gauge will then give a measurement for the undercut or pit.





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