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C2 Silicon Bronze Brazing Filler Rods 1.6mm 2.5kg Pack

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  • C2 Silicon Bronze
  • Multipurpose Brazing Rods
  • Variety of Diameters Available
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BS 1845 CZ6A 1453 C2 / EN 1044 : CU 302

C2 Silicon Bronze Brazing Wire 1.6mm 2.5kg pack for use with Oxy Fuel brazing.  Constructed from 60% Copper (Cu), 0.30% Silicon (Si), 0.3% Tin(Sn) and the balance is Zinc(Zn). A multipurpose brazing wire suited to a wide range of fabrication works involving materials such as Steel, Cast Iron, Copper and dissimilar metal joints.

Used in applications for manufacturing of vehicle bodies, bicycle frames and wheelchairs.  Also used for benchwork fabrications of tubular components and repairing iron castings.

In order to obtain the best results from these brazing rods, use a Brazing Flux. As a result this improves the wetting action of the filler material by increasing puddle flow.  Which creates a stronger bonds and eliminates issues such as porosity.


The main advantages of C2 Silicon Bronze brazing wire are -:

    • Good levels of corrosion resistance
    • Lower melting point making them ideal for working with thin sheet metal and galvanised steel.
    • Joining dissimilar metals
    • Creates strong bonds and eliminates porosity.



C2 Silicon Bronze TIG Brazing Filler Rods - Welding Positions

  • 1.6mm
  • 2.4mm
  • 3.2mm

C2 Silicon Bronze TIG Brazing Rods Chemical Composition

Brazing Vs Welding

The first key difference between brazing and welding is in brazing the base materials being joined are not melted, only the filler wire. Conversely in the welding process the base materials are penetrated. This reason being that during the welding process temperatures reached are higher than the base materials melting point.  In brazing it is the opposite, temperatures reached are lower than the melting point of the base materials thus avoiding penetration.



Combining a number of good mechanical properties including excellent tensile strength which refers to a materials ability to withstand high levels of stress and pressure without breaking or deforming.  In addition, other mechanical properties include good yield strength, hardness and ductility.  Moreover, they also have excellent corrosion resistance making them a good for use in corrosive environments.


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