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BYMAT Weld Brush Replacement Brush (Complete)

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A replacement weld cleaning brush suitable for Bymat 1024 machines for cleaning and polishing and Bymat 1124 for cleaning only.  Part number B1139, the carbon fibre bristles of the brush allow reaching into intricate areas.



The Weld Brush has been developed for use on existing BYMAT stainless steel cleaning machines using the same, environmentally friendly, electrolytic solutions.

When fitted to the Bymat 1124 machine weld cleaning, with the Weld Brush, can be performed using the ‘Dark Marking setting’.
When fitted to the Bymat 1024 machine both cleaning and polishing of welds is possible, by adjusting the voltage and using existing settings.

The Weld Brush complements the already highly successful range of Bymat weld cleaning products and is ideal for getting into tight areas or cleaning intricately shaped small parts.

Simply dip into the solution and wipe across the weld area for fast efficient cleaning.

The Weld Brush bristles are constructed from a carbon fibre super conductor for unbeatable performance. The Body is fitted with a protective sleeve to prevent ‘shorting out’ and the handle is lightweight, comfortable to use, and available in two sizes.



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Mains Voltage

110V Machine, 230V Machine


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