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BYMAT Weld Brush Pro Replacement Brush (Complete)

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  • Bymat
  • B1138
  • Weld Brush Pro



A replacement Weld Pro Brush for use with Bymat 1024 (cleaning and polishing) and 1124 (cleaning only) machines.



The Weld Brush Pro is a revolutionary new design with a retractable outer sleeve. With a simple twist of the handle the outer sleeve can be adjusted to give the operator the desired brush length required.

Previous makes and models of weld cleaning brushes performed more like a mop than a brush due to their floppy bristles. With the Weld Brush Pro this problem has been eliminated. The operator can set the desired brush stiffness by extending or retracting the outer sleeve.

Due to the brush wearing evenly from the tip, the life of each brush head is dramatically increased. When the brush head wears, simply turn the handle to expose more of the brush. The adjustments can be made with one hand and without unplugging or removing any parts from the brush handle.

The Weld Brush Pro bristles are constructed from a carbon fibre superconductor for unbeatable performance. The ergonomic design of the curved easy grip handle, makes it comfortable to use. The Weld Brush Pro can be used on all existing Bymat 1024 (cleaning and polishing) and 1124 (cleaning only) machines using the same, environmentally friendly, electrolytic solutions. Simply dip into the solution and wipe across the weld area for fast efficient cleaning.

The Weld Brush Pro can also be adapted to fit other makes of machines. Registered design, manufactured in the UK and available from stock




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Mains Voltage

110V Machine, 230V Machine


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