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Bymat 6024 RS Stainless Steel Weld Cleaner

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  • Cleans welds
  • Safe
  • Polishes and electroplates



The Bymat 6024 is a stainless steel cleaner designed to quickly remove oxides created during the welding process.  This cleaning action restores the original material colours using an electrochemical mechanism.  Whilst cleaning the weld, the Bymat 6024 also re-passivates, restoring the steel’s original attributes by applying a protective oxide film.

The most powerful in the Bymat range, the 6024 RS has a 100% duty cycle to ensure there is no downtime down time.  An upgrade to the smaller Bymat weld cleaners, this machine boasts a one button menu system with pre-programmed settings, as well as the ability to electroplate small areas.  The pre-programmed settings allow the user to select the required application and the machine will automatically set the voltage and current parameters.

The Bymat range of weld cleaners utilises high frequency technology to speed up the cleaning process too.  This high frequency action allows the use of a non hazardous chemical, unlike competitors’ machines.



A weld cleaner is more environmentally friendly than the alternative of using pickling pastes.  Pickling pastes are toxic substances which are very hazardous.  Breathing protection, skin and face protection should be used when using these substances.  Pickling pastes can also take time to work and they are not always successful at re-passivation.

The Bymat 6024 RS is used by dipping the brush or pad into the electrolytic cleaning solution and wiping across the weld, the Bymat cleaner will easily remove the oxide film from the weld.  The simultaneous action of the Bymat machine removes the unsightly oxide film from the weld and passivates at the same time, providing a clean oxide layer to prevent corrosion.

The electrolytic cleaning solution contains no hazardous substances and is significantly safer than using conventional weld cleaning methods with acids.

Bymat weld cleaner before
Before Weld Cleaning
After Weld Cleaning with Bymat
After Weld Cleaning










During the welding process, an area either side of the welded joint often becomes discoloured.  This is referred to as the heat-affected zone or HAZ.  The Bymat 1130 can easily remove this discolouration using its “Polishing” setting.  The polishing action of the weld cleaner can restore the material’s natural lustre or to a high gloss finish if so required.


Dark marking of electrically – conductive surfaces
Dark marking onto Stainless Steel can be performed using a template/stencil designed to your specific requirements.
The Bymat will permanently mark components deep black, easily, rapidly and inexpensively. Once marked the text or design cannot be removed by cleaning products or solvents and will not wear off. Company logos, graphics, trademarks, serial numbers, identification numbers, scales, and texts can be permanently marked.
Our high-performance electrolyte is PH neutral and requires no neutralization.

Light marking of electrically – conductive surfaces
Light marking uses the same template/stencil as for dark marking. Using a different Electrolyte we achieve a light marking effect similar to engraving. Material is removed from the component leaving your design/text permanently etched into the surface. This is suitable for materials such as black steels and aluminium for example.

The machine is CE marked and is manufactured to meet all applicable EU directives

Bymat weld cleaning marking function

Electroplating / metal plating

With this process it is possible to electroplate small areas of a component using any material which can be liquefied. For examples zinc plating as corrosion protection after welding.
Possible metal coatings: Tin, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Nickel, Chrome, Cadmium, Cobalt, Copper, Brass.


Comprehensive accessory kit includes:-
  • 1 litre Electrolyte A cleaning bright steels
  • 0.5 litre Electrolyte C polishing
  • 20 White cleaning pads
  • 20 Yellow polishing pads
  • 2 wide mouth containers
  • Set of 3 metre cables and earth clip
  • 60 degree anode for cleaning
  • 90 degree anode for marking
  • Weld cleaning brush
  • 100ml Embossing electrolytes
  • O rings



The manufacturer, Bymat is a German company, started in 1995.  Since this time they have been a leader in weld cleaning & embossing machines for electrochemical cleaning, polishing and embossing of stainless steels.  The action of their machines is much safer than using conventional weld cleaning techniques and are more environmentally friendly too.

Additional information

Mains Voltage

110V Machine, 230V Machine


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