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Binzel Style Tapered Nozzle For MB36 MIG Torch

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  • Single / 25 Pk
  • Tapered
  • Fits MB36 BZL Torches
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Replacement or spare MIG torch conical nozzle for the popular Binzel MB36 or Binzel style MIG torch used by many manufacturers.


Used for the Binzel MB36 MIG torch, these gas shrouds or nozzles are an important part of the MIG torch.  The Binzel MB36 nozzle directs the inert shielding gas onto the weld pool, preventing contaminants entering the weld and decreases the likelihood of porosity in the finished weld.  A number of shaped nozzles are available to suit the application.  Tapered gas shrouds or nozzles are well suited when getting the MIG torch into a confined area such as V groove butt joints where you need to get the contact tip closer to the weld puddle.

Binzel or Binzel style euro torches are often supplied by many manufacturers due to the wide availability of spare parts.




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