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Argon and Argon Mix Welding Regulator

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  • Single Stage
  • Two Gauge
  • Argon / Argon Mix



A single stage, two gauge Argon regulator designed to step down the pressurised contents of a compressed gas cylinder.  The resulting pressure of gas can be used in Argon or Argon/CO2 shielded MIG or TIG welding.


  •  2 Gauges – one gauge shows the pressure in the cylinder and one gauge showing the output pressure in LPM (litres per minute) for an accurate flow setting.
  • Output pressure controlled by the centre dial
  • Fits vertical outlet valves
  • Maximum outlet pressure 3.5 BAR.


The design of this regulator ensures that pressure is reduced from cylinder pressure (300 Max Bar Argon / Oxygen, 20 Bar Acetylene) and can be set to a suitable working pressure. These actions take place in a single chamber making this particular model ideal for use where precise pressure settings over a period of time are not essential.  For precise pressure settings over the entirety of a gas cylinder, please see the two stage regulator.

This product features two gauges, which display bottle contents and output pressure. Output pressure is controlled by the centre dial (pressure adjustment knob) which, when fully wound out, sets the pressure to 0 bar.

This model is of bottom-entry design, making it best suited to top-outlet valve cylinders. They can be used with side-outlet valve cylinders with the addition of a 90° adaptor.

In addition, a range of Side-entry regulators are available.


This product conforms to the criteria laid out under British Standard BS EN ISO 2503 : 2009


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