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AMA Counter-weight system set for bent elbow pipe cutting

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  • AMA Pipe Tools
  • Stainless Steel Counter weights
  • 9KG Set of 4



An AMA counterweight system set for welding and cutting elbow pipe sections easily and quickly. Designed to counterbalance the weight of a heavy pipe with an elbow, making it easier to cut or weld without the workpiece moving.

The counterweight is attached to the opposing side of the part projecting from the pipe.  The weight can be screwed onto the threaded bar of the counterweight attachment to exactly balance the weight of the pipe on both sides.  A pipe with balanced weight on both sides of its diameter makes it much easier to turn the pipe on the rollers, perfect for welding or cutting.  For a look at how it works, please see the product video tab above.

Each weight is approximately 9KG (each set comes with 4 weights) and are made from partly zinc-coated (zinc treated) steel. Fitted with thrust bearings and designed to hang off a stainless steel arm, which in turn can be attached to one of AMA’s centering collars. Easy to set up and use. Makes welding and installing pipe sections simple and stress-free. Suitable for general materials, steel, and stainless steel.


  • Counterweight fastener: stainless steel, fitted with thrust bearings, partly zinc-coated
  • Weights Description: zinc-treated steel, about 9 kg/weight (4 weights)
  • Total Weight: 43 Kg

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