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Aluminium Bronze MIG Brazing Wire CuAl7 1.2mm 12.5kg Spool (C28)

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  • C28 CuAl7
  • Aluminium Bronze Wire
  • 1.2mm 12.5KG Spool
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AWS A5.7 ERCuAl-A1 EN ISO 24373 Cu6100 CuAl7

A 12.5kg single spool of 1.2mm C28 Aluminium Bronze MIG Brazing Wire. This MIG Brazing Wire is composed of copper as the base metal, with an aluminium content making up the balance. The addition of aluminium to copper imparts several crucial properties. Used for surfacing applications, plus giving good resistance to corrosion on aluminium bronzes and CMn Steels.

  • 0.8mm – Available in 4kg and 12.5kg Packs.
  • 1.0mm – Available in 4kg and 12.5kg Packs.
  • 1.2mm – Available in 4kg and 12.5kg Packs.

The main advantages of C28 Aluminium Bronze MIG Brazing wire are -:

  • Corrosion Resistance: The higher aluminium content in C28 provides excellent corrosion resistance.  As a result making it a preferred choice for applications where joints will be exposed to harsh environments, such as marine, offshore, and chemical industries.
  • High Strength: C28 boasts impressive mechanical properties, including high tensile strength and wear resistance, ensuring the integrity and longevity of the brazed joint.
  • Thermal Conductivity: Aluminium bronzes possess good thermal conductivity. Therefore making them ideal for applications where heat dissipation is critical.
  • Ductility: The alloy’s good ductility allows it to deform without breaking under stress. This is a crucial property for joints that may experience slight movement or vibration.

Conforms to AWS A5.7 ERCuAl-A1 EN ISO 24373 Cu6100 CuAl7 standards.


C28 Aluminium Bronze MIG Brazing Wire - Welding Positions


C28 Aluminium Bronze MIG Brazing Wire finds widespread applications across diverse industries, owing to its unique combination of properties:

  • Marine and Offshore: In the maritime industry, where components are continuously exposed to saltwater and corrosive environments. C28 MIG Brazing Wire is a popular choice for joining shipbuilding components, offshore structures, and marine equipment.
  • Chemical and Petrochemical: The alloy’s superior corrosion resistance makes it ideal for the construction and repair of chemical processing equipment. Where exposure to aggressive chemicals is a constant concern.
  • Aerospace: C28 is well-suited for brazing aerospace components that require high strength, wear resistance, and resistance to atmospheric corrosion.
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems: C28 MIG Brazing Wire is used to fabricate joints in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, where reliability and leak-free connections are paramount.
  • Electrical and Electronic: The alloy’s excellent thermal conductivity makes it suitable for brazing electrical connectors and components that require efficient heat dissipation.
Brazing Technique and Best Practices

Moreover for optimal results with C28 Aluminium Bronze Brazing Wire, follow best practices and proper brazing techniques. See the following points for consideration -:

  • Surface Preparation: Thoroughly clean and degrease the joint surfaces to ensure proper wetting and adhesion of the filler metal.
  • Welding Parameters: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for welding parameters such as wire feed speed, voltage, and current to achieve the desired joint strength and quality.
  • Joint Design: Ensure appropriate joint design to minimize stress concentrations and maximize joint strength.
  • Post-Brazing Treatment: After brazing, it is essential to properly cool the joint to prevent residual stress and distortion.

C28 Aluminium Bronze MIG Brazing Wire - Chemical Analysis

Brazing Vs Welding

The first key difference between brazing and welding is in brazing the base materials being joined are not melted, only the filler wire. Conversely in the welding process the base materials are penetrated. This reason being that during the welding process temperatures reached are higher than the base materials melting point.  In brazing it is the opposite, temperatures reached are lower than the melting point of the base materials thus avoiding penetration.

While there is no need to change the consumables in your torch when brazing or welding, there maybe a requirement for changing the settings on your welding machine e.g. voltage control, wire feed speed and/or gas cylinder settings in order to accommodate any differences encountered when using brazing filler material.

In Conclusion

Overall C28 Aluminium Bronze MIG Brazing Wire stands out as a versatile and reliable solution for creating strong, corrosion-resistant joints in a wide range of applications. With its high aluminium content and excellent mechanical properties, it offers superior performance. Consequently it’s a popular choice in critical industries such as marine, aerospace, and chemical processing. When used correctly with proper brazing techniques, C28 Aluminium Bronze MIG Brazing Wire ensures durable, robust, and long-lasting joints, meeting the demands of the most challenging environments and applications.

Shielding Gas: Pure Argon

TIG Welding Current DC: =+

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