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Aluminium Bronze MIG Brazing Wire CuAl10Fe 0.8mm 4kg Spool (C13)

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  • C13 CuAl10Fe
  • Aluminium Bronze Wire
  • 0.8mm 4KG Spool
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AWS A5.7 ERCuAl-A2 EN ISO 24373 Cu6180 CuAl10Fe

A 4kg single spool of 0.8mm C13 Aluminium Bronze MIG Brazing. Designed for joining and repairing Aluminium bronze casting, as a result this gives an increased resistance to wear and brazing. Comprised of 89% Copper (Cu), 10% Aluminium and 1% Iron (Fe).  The high grade Aluminium Bronze construction of this wire provides excellent corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity and has exceptional tensile strength. Used for applications within the marine and offshore industries, chemical plant operations, automotive and aviation businesses.  Additionally, the high melting point of this wire provides excellent heat resistance

  • 0.8mm – Available in 4kg and 12.5kg Packs.
  • 1.0mm – Available in 4kg and 12.5kg Packs.
  • 1.2mm – Available in 4kg and 12.5kg Packs.

The main advantages of C13 Aluminium Bronze MIG Brazing wire are -:

  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance – making it the ideal choice for applications where exposure to corrosive elements could compromise the integrity of the join e.g. marine industries in which the constant presence of sea water can have an adverse effect.
  • High Tensile Strength – ensures this wire can withstand extreme levels of pressure and tension without breaking or deforming in the finished weld.
  • Good Thermal Conductivity – offering excellent resistance to the effects of high temperatures.  Perfect for the automotive and aviation industries.

Conforms to AWS A5.7 ERCuAl-A2 EN ISO 24373 Cu6180 CuAl10Fe standards.  This brazing wire can also be used for joining dissimilar materials e.g. aluminium bronze to steel and copper to steel. Moreover, this product also has good levels of ductility and therefore can twist and misshape without cracks developing.


C13 Aluminium Bronze MIG Brazing Wire - Welding Positions


Due to the qualities of C13 Aluminium Bronze MIG Brazing wire in particular its excellent corrosion resistance make for an ideal choice for industries where the presence of corrosive elements present integrity and structural issues for the finished piece.  Furthermore, the high tensile strength of C13 MIG wire ensures joints can withstand extreme tension and pressure without deforming or cracks developing.  They are used in a wide variety of industries including automotive, aviation, marine and offshore, as well as chemical operations.  Able to join both similar and dissimilar materials.


C13 Aluminium Bronze MIG Brazing Wire - Chemical Analysis

Brazing Vs Welding

The first key difference between brazing and welding is in brazing the base materials being joined are not melted, only the filler wire. Conversely in the welding process the base materials are penetrated. This reason being that during the welding process temperatures reached are higher than the base materials melting point.  In brazing it is the opposite, temperatures reached are lower than the melting point of the base materials thus avoiding penetration.

While there is no need to change the consumables in your torch when brazing or welding, there maybe a requirement for changing the settings on your welding machine e.g. voltage control, wire feed speed and/or gas cylinder settings in order to accommodate any differences encountered when using brazing filler material.

Shielding Gas: Pure Argon

TIG Welding Current DC: =+

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