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Alfra Piccolo 38/50 B Mag Drill

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  • 38mm diameter holes
  • 50mm max cutting depth
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An electromagnetic based drill ideal for drilling metal work, the Alfra Piccolo 38/50 B can produce holes up to 38mm in diameter through 50mm of material.

Where its not possible to bring the item to be drilled to the drill, bring the mag drill to the item!  The Alfra Piccolo weighs just 10.6kg making it highly portable and with its carry case its ideal to have in the van for when needed.

Featuring a built in sensor, the Alfra Piccolo mag drill has a handy LED indicator to show the user the adhesion strength of the magnet to the workpiece.  This ensures the magnetic force is correct for the thickness of the material to be drilled, improving operator safety.

Alfra Piccolo Features:

  • Supplied with 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Adjustable motor height on the slide, offering a variable stroke range for increased versatility.
  • Powerful yet small electromagnet, ideal for fitting in beam channels etc.


Supplied with:  Heavy duty transport case, safety belt, coolant hose and regulating tap, keyless drill chuck 1 – 13mm, safety guard and operational manual


Input Voltage 110 or 230V versions
Core cutter 12-38mm
Cutting depth 50mm
Twist drill 1 – 13mm
Counter bore 10 – 40mm
Input 1100W
Load RPM 450rpm
Tool holder 19mm Weldon Arbor
Coolant supply Internal
Stroke 129mm + 86mm
Magnetic adhesion 9000N
Magnetic Foot 70 X 185mm
Weight 10.6kg
Product code 18401


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110V, 230V