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Alfra HSS Mag Drill Cutter Set 6PC

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  • 6PC Cutter Set
  • High Speed Steel (HSS)
  • Weldon Shank Fitting
  • Short (25mm) or Long (50mm)
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Alfra HSS Mag Drill Cutter Set 6PC

Alfra HSS Mag Drill Cutter Set 6PC – selection of the most popular size HSS mag drill cutters in a convenient carry case.  Designed for use with magnetic drilling equipment for cutting holes into metal plates.  Each has an internal bore of 6.35mm and a universal 19mm Weldon Shank. Available as short (25mm) or long (50mm) sets.  These Alfra cutters are made from a special quality high speed steel. Ground section has high performance toothing with a pre and post cutter.  These sets offer a highly cost effective way to buy multiple cutters at a great price.


Short Set (25mm) Includes -:

  • 12,14,16,18,20,22mm and Pilot Pin

Long Set (50mm) Includes -:

  • 14,16,18,20,22,26mm and Pilot Pin


Technical Spec -:

  • Cutting depth: 25mm (short) or 50mm (Long)
  • Shank: Universal 19mm weldon
  • Internal bore: 6.35mm
  • Steel quality: Special quality high speed steel
  • Ground section: High-performance toothing with pre and post cutter

Alfra HSS Mag Drill Cutter Set 6PC is Suitable For -:

  • Alfra Rotabest (weldon)
  • Alfra Rotaquick quick-change system
  • BDS
  • Bux
  • Ruko
  • Magnetor
  • Eurobore
  • Universal
  • Nitto Jei
  • Hougen
  • Magtron
  • Promac
  • Rotabroach
  • All types of mag drills with a weldon shank


Cutting fluid will greatly benefit cutters by reducing friction, it will improve the finish of the surface and decrease cutting time. Which in turn will increase the longevity of the cutter.  The pilot pin accurately aligns the cutter, allows for internal lubrication and makes for easier removal of the slug.  During drilling, the pilot pin retracts and allows internal coolant to reach the cutting teeth.

Looking to buy Alfra HSS Cutter Set 6PC in bulk? Feel free to ask and see if we can offer a price reduction.

Please note: 10mm and 11mm cutters require stepped pilot pins

Disclaimer: Due to its small diameter, we cannot be held responsible if the cutter breaks. We will not replace the cutter if breakage occurs.

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25mm (Short), 50mm (Long)