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Alfra HSS Cutter Pilot Pins

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  • 25mm & 50mm Lengths
  • High Speed Steel (HSS)
  • Weldon Shank Fitting Compatible
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Alfra HSS Cutter Pilot Pins

Alfra HSS Cutter Pilot Pins are designed to be used in magnetic drilling with Alfra HSS Weldon Shank cutters above 11mm.  They are available in 25mm and 50mm lengths to fit HSS Cutters of the same lengths.  For best results use a centre punch to create a small impression in your workpiece.  The pin should be placed in this indentation surrounded by the drill bit ready for cutting.  The pin is spring-loaded so that once the cut has been completed the waste piece inside the cutter is ejected. During drilling, the pilot pin retracts and allows internal coolant to reach the cutting teeth.

It is strongly recommended to use a cutting and tapping spray on the dill bit.

This will not only increase the lifespan of your cutters but will ensure an increased cutting speed.


Looking to buy HSS Cutter Pilot Pins in bulk? Feel free to ask and see if we can offer a price reduction.

Supplied as Single Pins.

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25mm (Short), 50mm (Long)