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Acetylene Gouging Nozzle – AGNM 19 (6 – 10mm)

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  • AGNM 19
  • Oxy Acetylene
  • 6 – 10mm Gouging
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An AGNM 19 nozzle for oxy acetylene gouging.  The AGNM (Acetylene gouging nozzle mix) nozzles are designed to fit an NM cutting torch or a cutting attachment on a type 5 shank.

Key Features
  • One piece AGNM cutting nozzle
  • 19 Nozzle for 6 – 10mm plate thickness



To fit a nozzle, the head nut is removed from the cutting torch or attachment, inserted into the seat and the nut is re-applied and tightened.

An AGNM nozzle has a number of holes, surrounding a central larger orifice.  These outer passages carry oxy acetylene mixed gas to pre heat the metal to its ignition temperature. The middle orifice expels a jet of oxygen to blow away the molten material.  This central jet is larger than that of a cutting nozzle to dissipate the weld or material being gouged.  The larger the holes in the nozzle, the larger the gouging capacity.  For example, a 13 nozzle is the smallest, and the 25 is the largest.

When selecting a nozzle for your gouging application it is worth getting the size applicable to the material thickness/  An oversize nozzle wastes gas.

Gouging nozzles provide a controlled gouge for back-gouging welds and defects, removing lugs, cleats and cracks, and preparing plate edges for welding. They use acetylene for greater speed and incorporate a hard-wearing protrusion that can be run along the gouge.


Other Information:
  • Hoses being used with the torch should be the correct type for the gas and fitted with check valves (non-return).  They are colour coded according to the gas they are designed for – red for acetylene and blue for oxygen.
  • Flashback arrestors should be installed on the regulator side of the hose.
  • A nozzle should be inspected regularly to check for damage or obstructions.
  • A poorly maintained nozzle can cause turbulent gas flow and increases the risk of flashback.
  • Obstructions to the nozzle can be caused by dirt or spatter.
  • Do not hold the nozzle too close to the workpiece. The nozzle can overheat and cause a flashback.


Oxy Acetylene Nozzle Selection Chart

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