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Acetylene Cutting Nozzle For Lightweight Cutting Attachments – AFNM 1/16″

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  • AFNM 1/16″
  • Lightweight Acetylene
  • 10 – 75mm Cutting
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An AFNM 1/16″ nozzle for oxy acetylene cutting.  The AFNM (Acetylene nozzle mix) nozzles are designed to fit a cutting attachment on a lightweight shank.

Key Features
  • One piece AFNM cutting nozzle
  • 1/16″ size for cutting 10mm – 75mm mild steel



To fit a nozzle, the head nut is removed from the cutting torch or attachment, inserted into the seat and the nut is re-applied and tightened.

An AFNM nozzle has a number of holes, surrounding a central larger orifice.  These outer passages carry oxy acetylene mixed gas to pre heat the metal to its ignition temperature. The middle orifice expels a jet of oxygen to blow away the molten material, piercing the material and creating the cut.  The larger the holes in the nozzle, the larger the cutting capacity of the cutting nozzle.  For example, a 1/32″ nozzle is the smallest, cutting up to 6mm and a 1/8″ is the largest and can cut up to 300mm.

When selecting a nozzle for your cutting application it is worth getting the size applicable to the material thickness to be cut.  An oversize nozzle wastes gas.


Other Information:
  • Hoses being used with the torch should be the correct type for the gas and fitted with check valves (non-return).  They are colour coded according to the gas they are designed for – red for acetylene and blue for oxygen.
  • Flashback arrestors should be installed on the regulator side of the hose.
  • A nozzle should be inspected regularly to check for damage or obstructions.
  • A poorly maintained nozzle can cause turbulent gas flow and increases the risk of flashback.
  • Obstructions to the nozzle can be caused by dirt or spatter.
  • Do not hold the nozzle too close to the workpiece. The nozzle can overheat and cause a flashback.


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