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90° Argon/Oxygen Gas Regulator Adaptor – RH Thread

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  • Right-hand thread
  • Oxy/Argon cylinder adaptor
  • 90° function
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Argon/Oxygen 90° Gas Regulator Adaptor – RH (Right handed thread)

The 90° Argon/Oxygen Regulator adaptor with RH thread, functions to allow bottom-inlet regulators to fit into side outlet Oxy/Argon cylinders, with gauges in the vertical position.


Some cylinder manufacturers now produce bottles that require the regulator to be connected to the bottle from the side. The 90° adaptors allow this to happen by keeping the regulator the right way up. This is so that the pressure control knob and gauges are always in view.

The adaptor is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a specialised back or side-inlet regulator, which can be more expensive. Turning a bottom-inlet regulator on its back to connect it to a side-outlet cylinder is not advisable as this can put unnecessary strain on the inlet stem, preventing the user from seeing the gauge readings. The use of a 90° adaptor helps to avoid such difficulties.


The adaptor is available with a RH thread for oxygen and argon cylinders or with a LH thread for fuel gas cylinders.