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600 Flux Cored Hard Facing MIG Wire Selfshield 1.2mm

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  • Self Shielding
  • Hardfacing Wire
  • 1.2mm 15KG Spool
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A 15kg spool of 1.2mm Selfshielding 600 Flux Cored Hardfacing MIG Wire – Has a good balance of impact and abrasion resistance. With excellent welding properties this hard alloy wire is suitable to be used with or without gas.  As a result of the wire being exposed to the heat of the welding arc a chemical reaction takes place which creates the shielding gas.  Hence there is no requirement for an external gas cylinder.  However an additional shielding gas can be used which is referred to as Dual Shield. The act of dual shielding reduces weld spatter, lowers fume emissions and increases control of welding parameters.

Selfshield 600 has numerous applications across many industries including mining and earthmoving for the hard face of excavators and mining equipment.  In addition it is also used for agriculture machinery and steel manufacturing.


  • Superior Wear Resistance: Selfshield 600 Flux Cored Hard Facing MIG Wire is able to create weld deposits with exceptional hardness. These weld deposits exhibit high wear resistance, protecting components from abrasive and erosive forces.
  • Versatility in Applications: Highly versatile and can be used across a wide range of industries and applications.
  • Excellent Hardness Range: Due to the wire’s composition and manufacturing process. Which creates a weld deposit with a hardness range of 55-65 HRC (Rockwell Hardness C scale). This hardness level strikes the right balance between wear resistance and toughness. Consequently making it suitable for various applications that require resistance to both abrasion and impact.
  • Enhanced Welding Efficiency: Flux Cored Hard Facing MIG Wire enables faster and more efficient welding compared to traditional hard-facing methods. As a self-shielded wire, it eliminates the need for time-consuming setup and handling of shielding gases, streamlining the welding process and reducing overall welding time.
  • Resistance to Cracking and Fracturing: This characteristic ensures that the weld deposits can withstand heavy loads, shocks, and vibrations without cracking or fracturing. Which as a result provides added reliability and safety to welded components.


Selfshield 600 Flux Cored Hardfacing MIG Wire - Layering AnalysisWELDING APPLICATIONS

This wire is suitable for applications in a wide variety of industries such as:

  • Mining and Earthmoving Equipment:
    • Hard Facing bucket teeth and cutting edges.
    • Blades of mining equipment, bulldozers, and excavators.
    • Enhancing resistance to abrasive wear encountered during excavation and material handling.
  • Agricultural Machinery:
    • Selfshield 600 is employed to hard-face ploughshares, tillage tools, and harvesters, protecting them from wear.
  • Cement and Quarrying Industry:
    • Hard Facing crusher hammers and wear plates, providing increased resistance to impact and abrasive wear.
  • Pulp and Paper Industry:
    • Hard-facing chipper knives, debarker arms, and other equipment in pulp and paper manufacturing processes.
  • Steel Manufacturing:
    • Applied to hard-face rolls, guides, and other equipment involved in the shaping and forming of steel products. Enhancing resistance to wear and surface damage.
  • Power Generation:
    • Hard Faces parts in coal and ash-handling equipment, as well as valves and turbine components in power generation facilities, providing superior wear resistance and longevity.



Selfshield 600 Flux Cored Hard Facing MIG Wire - Chemical Analysis


Selfshield 600 Flux Cored Hard Facing MIG wire offers a reliable and efficient solution for various hardfacing applications. With its self-shielding design, high deposition rates, and exceptional hardfacing properties. This welding consumable provides cost-effective protection for critical components in industries where wear and abrasion are major concerns.

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