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50 mm² lug for Welding cables – Pack 10

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  • Electrical lug
  • 50mm²
  • Welding Cable component


WELDING LUG | 50MM² (Pack of 10)

A pack of 10 good quality 50mm lugs for crimping onto 50mm² cross section welding cable.

Used for connecting earth clamps to welding cable amongst other things.


Easy To Fit: Cut back a section of insulation from the suitably rated welding cable to expose the copper strands and fit an appropriately sized lug (to match welding cable size ie 16mm, 25mm etc).

The welding leads and any connections such as the lugs should be suitably rated to the machine being used. If too much current passes through the lead, it will get hot, can get damaged and could be a fire risk.