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5% Argon/CO2 Mix Welding Gas | 20 Ltr Rent Free

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  • Bottle Deposit: £100.00
  • Gas Refill: £65.00
  • Total: £165
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Argon CO2 Mix 5% MIG Welding Gas 20 Litres – Rent Free


5% CO2 Argon Mix Welding Gas in a 20L Cylinder, perfect for MIG welding up to 6mm material, perfect for smaller MIG machines and automotive repairs. Argon mix shielding gas protects the welding arc against oxidisation, providing cleaner welds by excluding air. Argon Mix is an inert shielding gas with an active gas (CO2) mixed in, providing superior results when compared with pure CO2.

  • 20 Litre cylinder
  • 200 Bar fill pressure
  • MIG welding of Steel up to 6mm thickness
  • Rent Free – returnable cylinder deposit


5% CO2 mix helps the weld-arc penetrate into the workpiece without burning through it as easily, which is handy on thinner materials. This welding gas is best used for MIG Welding on steels of up to 6mm in thickness.



Rent-free bottle, meaning that you can keep the cylinder for as long as you like without paying any additional fees. BOC and Air Products typically charge £100 a year for their bottle rental, alongside a £50 delivery fee. SGS’s Rent Free cylinders can be a huge saving for low-use workshops like garages and body shops. All you need is a deposit to pick up a bottle from your local supplier, such as TBWS Welding Supplies Ltd, and the bottle is yours to keep for as long as you need it, with no rent or delivery charges to pay. You can pay for welding gas refills every time you visit us, as much or as little as you wish.  If you no longer need your cylinder, you can return it to us or any other SGS Welding Gas Suppliers for a full return of your deposit.


TBWS keeps stock of 10Ltr and 20Ltr bottles.


SGS Welding gas cylinders have a standard, 5/8″ BSP RH female outlet.  Industry standard Argon regulators supplied in MIG and TIG welding packages

Do you work locally?  Need delivery?  Let us know and we may be able to deliver to your premises.  We serve Camberley, Frimley, Sandhurst, Farnborough and surrounding areas with welding gas.

Pure Argon 20 litre Cylinder welding gas bottle rent free refill

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Deposit Bottle (+£100), Refill only