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42 Piece TIG Consumables Kit For WP17, WP18 and WP26 Torches

£31.50 ex VAT

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  • 42 Piece Kit
  • Fits WP17, WP18 & WP26
  • Cleat Carrying Case



A 41 piece TIG welding spares kit specifically for use with WP17, WP18 and WP26 TIG torches.  The kit includes the key items you will need to set your torch up for a range of welding applications to suit all material types. The TIG consumables kit is stored in a conveniently sectioned carrying case.

The consumable selection provided is ideal for a number of TIG welding applications and material types, great as a starter TIG kit or for a convenient selection box.  A selection of ceramics to suit different joint types and different length tungsten stick outs, as well as gas lens parts ideal for improved gas coverage particularly useful when TIG welding stainless steels.  A variety of back caps supplied are perfect for getting your torch into tight spaces too.


  • Standard Collets – 1.6mm and 2.4mm (5 of Each Size)
  • Standard Collet Bodies – 1.6mm and 2.4mm (5 of Each Size)
  • Gas Lens Bodies – 1.6mm and 3.2mm (2 of Each Size)
  • Standard Ceramics – No. 4/6/10 (2 of Each Size)
  • Gas Lens Ceramics – No. 7 (x 2) / No. 5 (x 3)
  • Insulator Gaskets (x 2) / Gas Lens Insulator Gaskets (x 2)
  • Back Caps – 1 x Short, 1 x Medium, 1 x Long.

Click the above gallery image to show the parts breakdown for a WP26 TIG torch to show what parts are used where


When used with a gas lens, a gas lens ceramic provides a particularly concentrated dispersal of gas around the weld puddle, leading to greater efficiency. A standard ceramic with a collet body, which gives more general gas coverage of the weld puddle and the surrounding area. Both gas lens ceramics and standard ceramics are constructed from Alumina (a compound used for making clayware).

In summary, while a standard ceramic will provide excellent coverage of the weld pool and the surrounding area (usually referred to as turbulent flow), conversely a gas lens ceramic produces a more directed flow of gas to the weld pool itself and the immediate area (usually referred to as laminar flow).



As previously noted when you are using a gas lens ceramic you will need to use a gas lens body instead of a standard collet body.  While both do the job of holding the collet in place (the same collet is used in both setups). The gas lens body is significantly different in design from the standard collet body.  A standard collet body is slimmer with strategically placed holes to allow gas flow.

In contrast, a gas lens body has a diffuser with a wire mesh.  There is a hole in the centre of the mesh for the tungsten.  In the gas lens body system, the gas flow has greater stability and is less turbulent in comparison to a standard collet body / ceramic setup.  As a result, this approach gives more focused coverage over the weld puddle.  The increased shielding gas (argon) coverage is particularly desirable when welding stainless steel and will help to achieve those Instagram TIG welds you see online.

When using a gas lens body, a gas lens insulator is also used for the ceramic to seal against.  The insulator is fitted over the standard insulator on the torch.



As shown above, this 42 piece TIG spares kit has all the necessary consumables to setup your WP26, WP17 or WP18 TIG torch for both a collet body / standard ceramic system, or alternatively a gas lens body system.  The only other additional item required are Tungsten Electrodes, which are available from TBWS Welding Supplies Ltd.


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