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4″ (100mm) Fibre Discs – 60 Grit Zirconium Sanding discs | 25 Pack

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  • 4″ / 100mm Zirconium Sanding Disc (25 Pack)
  • 60 Grit
  • Polishing of all Metals



Karbosan discs are a brand of great quality 4″ Zirconium fibre sanding disc with a 16mm bore for the polishing and finishing of metals at 60 grit.  Zirconium provides a higher performance and longer life than its aluminium oxide counterparts. The larger the grit number, the finer the sanding disc.

Our range of Zirconium abrasive fibre back sanding discs are designed for use in the finishing and polishing of metals including iron, mild steel, cast iron, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, and for the smoothing of wood.



The discs are manufactured with X type vulcanised fibre. FEPA abrasive grains are selected and attached to the fibre discs by way of an electro-coating process. This removes the need for using great quantities of adhesive that can reduce disc performance.

Zirconium sanding discs are available in 100mm, 115mm, 125mm, 180mm and 235mm diameters with grit levels ranging from 24 to 80.

These discs are available in a variety of sizes including:

  • 100mm / 4″
  • 115mm / 4.5″
  • 125mm / 5″


Sold in packs of 25s.



  • High grade blend of zirconium abrasive, suitable for hard metals.
  • Good size.
  • Disc sizes for 100, 115, and 125mm angle grinders.
  • Packed in 25s. (If you’re looking to buy in bulk, call the number below)
  • Abrasive: 100% Zirconia
  • Backing: Vulcanized Fibre (0.8mm)
  • Application: Low Alloy Steel, Stainless steel (Inox), high alloy steel, heat resistant steel, aluminium, zamak, and cast iron.


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