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312 2.5mm MMA Electrodes – Stainless Steel / Dissimilar 0.5kg Packet

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  • GEKA 312 ELOX R
  • 0.5kg Pack – 2.5mm
  • Stainless / Dissimilar



312 rods are ideal where the exact grade of stainless steel is not known, or an application requires welding of stainless to mild steel, a dissimilar electrode can be used.  Described by many as a problem solver electrode, 312 stick welding rods are the perfect thing to keep on hand.

Supplied in a plastic telescopic tube, perfect for storage of any unused electrodes, keeping them dry ready for their next use.


Features and Applications

Unalloyed and low alloyed hard to weld steels with higher carbon content as well as heat treatable steels and tool steels, Mn steels, joining dissimilar steels, used for tough buffer layers in hard surfacing where hot and warm deformation exist are take place

Requirement of re-drying for min. 2 hours at temperatures of 300°C

Uses in welding of Chromium/Manganese steels tools steels, unalloyed and alloyed high-strength steels


Typical Base Material Grades

Uses in welding of Chromium-/Manganese-steels, tool steels, unalloyed and alloyed high-strength steels.

Considered a problem solver for all kinds of steel grades including stainless and difficult to weld steels. Typical applications include joining hard manganese steels, tool steels, spring steels, buffering as well as joining dissimilar steel grades. Commonly used in the transport and lifting industry and repair and maintenance.


Standards Current Type
EN ISO 3581-A – E Z 29 9 R 12 D.C. (+) / A.C.
AWS A5.4 – E 312-17


Chemical Composition of Weld Metal % (Typical)
C Si Mn  Ni Cr
0.12 1.0 0.8 9.5 29.0


Mechanical Properties
Yield Strength
Tensile Strength
Impact Strength
min. 490 600 – 800 min. 24 J min. 20


Welding Positions


Operating Data
Diameter x Length (mm) Welding Current (A) Package
Weight (Kg)
No. Pieces Approx
2.50 x 250

3.20 x 350

60 – 80

80 – 110








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