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312 1.2mm Stainless Steel MIG Wire – 15kg Spool

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  • 312 Stainless Steel
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • 15kg – 1.2mm



AWS A5.9 – ER 312

A 15kg spool of 1.2mm 312 Stainless Steel MIG Wire. Extensively used for welding dissimilar metals such as carbon steel to stainless steel, particularly high steels with a high grade of Nickel(Ni). Originally designed for the purpose of welding cast alloys of a similar composition. This is typically used in applications and industries such as annealing chambers, fused salt treatment installations, boiler parts, heat exchangers, and industrial furnaces. Moreover, the wire is precision wound and layered to ensure superior feeding characteristics.

312 Stainless Steel MIG wire has excellent mechanical properties including good corrosion oxidation resistance, particularly at high temperatures.  This is due to the high levels of Chromium (Cr) in the chemical composition.  Because of the high ferrite content in 312 Stainless MIG Wire, this makes it an ideal choice for heterogeneous welding, this is especially the case when one of the components has a fully austenitic structure.

The high nickel content in 312 Stainless Steel MIG Wire increases formability and ductility.  As a result it can withstand bending and manipulation of the finished weld without cracking or failing. It is suitable for welding buffer layers when hardfacing. 312 Stainless MIG wire has excellent levels of impact toughness, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It’s important to ensure service temperatures are kept below 420°C as this will help to prevent secondary brittle phases which can have an adverse effect on mechanical properties.

Features & Benefits
  • Excellent corrosion oxidation resistance.
  • Good levels of impact toughness.
  • Suitable for welding dissimilar metals.
  • Precision wound and layered for superior wire feeding characteristics.
  • Great ductility and formability.
  • Ideal choice for heterogeneous welding.
Typical Applications
  • Production of Furnace Parts.
  • Boiler parts and heat exchangers.
  • Annealing chambers.
  • Creating buffer layers when hardfacing.
  • Maintenance on hard to weld steels.
  • Welding stainless steels of a similar application.
  • Hot working tools
What is Heterogeneous Welding?

This is where the filler material used has a different chemical composition to the parent material.  The key benefits of heterogeneous welding include increasing the strength of the joint, which enhances the reliability of the weld.

Material to be welded:

Materials to be welded: High strength, unalloyed and alloyed heat treatable steels; stainless, ferritic chromium and austenitic CrNi steels; austenitic manganese steels. Chemically resistant weld claddings ranging from ferritic-pearlitic steels to fine grain steels, incl. high temperature fine grain steels. Dissimilar joining.


Welding Positions

312 Stainless Steel MIG Filler Wire Welding Positions

Chemical Composition
C% Mn% Si% S% P%
0.091 1.59 0.46 0.004 0.021
Ni% Cr% Mo% Cu%
20.68 26.65 0.040 0.21


Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength ≥650 MPa
Yield Strength ≥450 MPa
Elongation ≥15 %



Welding Parameters – M12
Ømm Current (A) Voltage (V)
0.80 mm 40-120 15-20
1.00 mm 80-160 16-22
1.20 mm 100-210 17-23
Welding Parameters – M13
Ømm Current (A) Voltage (V)
0.80 mm 160-210 24-28
1.00 mm 180-280 25-30
1.20 mm 200-300 26-32


EN ISO 14343-A – G 29 9
AWS A5.9 – ER 312


Shielding Gases

EN ISO 14175 – M12, M13

In Conclusion

Altogether, 312 Stainless Steel MIG filler wire has a wide range of good mechanical properties including impact toughness and corrosion oxidation resistance. In addition, this welding wire has impressive levels of ductility, meaning its form can bend and be manipulated without the risk of welds cracking or failing. It is an excellent choice for heterogeneous welding (for more details please see above).

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