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3/8 BSP to 1/4 BSP Bent Adaptor – LH

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  • Left Hand – Fuel Gas
  • 3/8 Male to 1/4 BSP Female
  • Bent Adaptor


3/8 BSP Male Thread to 1/4 BSP Nut Bent Adaptor – Left Hand

An adaptor used to connect a fuel (Acetylene or Propane) gas hose with a 3/8” fitting to a 1/4” attachment on gas equipment (e.g. a lightweight style shank).


A 3/8 BSP left hand male thread to fit onto many industry standard fuel gas hoses.  A 1/4 BSP nut the other side of the adaptor fits onto smaller gas equipment such as a lightweight shank.

Bent adapters are used to convert the thread size of 3/8” BSP hose fittings in order to enable them to be connected to ¼” BSP LW shank fittings. A bent adaptor is sometimes preferred as a device for directing the gas hoses away from the shank or cutter, so as not to allow the hoses to impair movement of the equipment when welding.


Manufactured to high levels of quality to help ensure a leak-proof gas line.


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