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0.9mm Gasless MIG Wire – Flux Cored Welding Wire

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  • Gasless MIG Wire
  • Self shielding
  • 4.55kg – 0.9mm



A good quality 0.9mm gasless MIG wire suitable for MIG welding without gas.  A hollow wire filled with flux burns during the MIG welding process, causing the flux to give off a gas to shield the weld puddle.  The outer part of the wire contains the filler metal whilst the inside provides the shielding gas.  The off gassing of shielding gas eliminates the need for an external source of Argon mix or CO2 welding gas.  Particularly useful for outdoor welding tasks or when lugging a gas cylinder to a job is difficult.


All-positional, single-pass, flux cored welding wire designed to weld carbon steel. The unique quality of this product enables welding without the use of shielding gas. E71T-GS produces smooth arc action with full slag coverage and easy slag removal.

Benefits of not having to use gas making this product extremely popular.

E71T-GS operates on DC straight polarity (DCEN).


Suitable for lap and butt welds on galvanized sheet metal, repair of automobile sheet metal and joining of galvanised roofing sheet metal



Welding Positions 6013




Suitable for use in all positions


TBWS Top Tip:  When welding with gasless wire, the MIG torch polarity should be reversed.  Therefore the torch should be in negative polarity and the earth return in positive.  The MIG torch should be dragged rather than pushed when welding with solid MIG wires.


Technical Spec

Gasless MIG Wire Technical Spec


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