Protectoxtract washable aluminum filter
Weldability ProtectoXtract Aluminium Filter
  • Aluminium filter
  • ProtectoXtract
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ProtectoXtract pre filter
Weldability ProtectoXtract Pre Filter
  • Pre Filter
  • ProtectoXtract
  • Replacement
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EXT978005 Main filter protectoxtract
Weldability ProtectoXtract Main Filter
  • Main filter
  • ProtectoXtract
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Protectoxtract gross filter
Weldability ProtectoXtract Gross Filter (10 Pk)
  • Gross Filter
  • ProtectoXtract
  • Pack of 10
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Protectoxtract carbon filter
Weldability ProtectoXtract Activated Carbon Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • ProtectoXtract
  • Replacement
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Weldability ProtectoSpark Filter
  • ProtectoSpark
  • ProtectoXtract
  • Allows Grinding Processes
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Fume extraction is now an integral part of any commercial welding facility.  With the HSE enforcement implemented in February 2019, all businesses carrying out any welding in an indoor environment must utilise extraction.

The Weldability ProtectoXtract has been an extremely popular cost effective fume extraction solution.  These units feature a 5 stage filtration system in the body of the LEV.  Here we have listed all filters used in conjunction with the ProtectoXtract LEV.

For ease of reference, the following diagram shows the filters inside the unit in the correct order:

Protectoxtract filters

Filter lifespans (from top to bottom of diagram) as follows:

Washable aluminium filter:  The first stage of filtration.  Part number EXT978014 should be cleaned as and when required. The aluminium filter should also be cleaned if the signal horn sounds.  Filter should be cleaned following manufacturers guidelines.

Gross Filter:  A G4 class filter supplied in packs of 10.  Changeable after 50 hours operating time unless clogging alarm indicates otherwise.

Pre Filter:  An M5 class pre-filter.  Part number EXT978004 is changeable after 100 hours of operating time.

Activated Carbon Filter:  Part number EXT978006 is changeable after 100 hours of operating time.

Main Filter:  Part number EXT978005 is recommended to be replaced every 200 hours.

The ProtectoSpark filter MUST be used with any ProtectoXtract system being used with hot materials such as grinding sparks or molten welding spatter.

If you would like any clarification on the filters used with the Extractability fume extraction systems, feel free to call our friendly sales team on 01276 505012.  Alternatively, use our contact us form on the link at the top right of the page.