Purple TIG welding tungstens
Purple Tri-Element Tungstens E3 for TIG Welding 150mm (Pack of 10)
  • Purple Tip
  • Ferrous / non-ferrous metals
  • AC and DC
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Blue tip lanthanated tungstens
2% Lanthanated Tungstens for TIG Welding 150mm (Pack of 10)
  • Blue Tip
  • Ferrous / non-ferrous metals
  • AC and DC
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Ceriated Tungstens
Ceriated Tungstens for TIG Welding 150mm (Pack of 10)
  • Grey Tip
  • AC and DC
  • Suited to low amperages
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Mixed Tungsten Electrodes Pack 10 2 tungstens each 2% lanthanated 2% thoriated pure 0.8% zirconiated 2% ceriated
Mixed Pack of TIG Welding Tungstens (Pack of 10) 1.6mm
  • Mixed Pack
  • Selection
  • Grey, White, Red, Blue, Green
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Pure Tungstens for TIG Welding 150mm (Pack of 10)
  • Green Tip
  • Predominantly AC
  • Aluminium and Magnesium
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Tungstens are used as a non consumable electrode in TIG welding.  Tungsten has a very high melting point, making it particularly suitable for TIG welding applications.

Here’s a guide to choosing the correct tungsten for your project:

Blue tipped – Lanthanated Tungsten:  Performing exceptionally well in both AC and DC, these tungsten electrodes are effective for welding aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys, copper alloys, titanium alloys, low alloyed steels and non- corroding steels.  A good choice as an all purpose tungsten electrode.

Green tipped – Pure Tungsten:  Least expensive tungsten type.  Good stability in AC but less used in DC TIG welding as other tungstens provide better arc starting.

Red Tipped – Thoriated Tungstens:  Thoriated tungstens can be used in DC negative or straight polarity on carbon steel, stainless, titanium and nickel.
Also suitable for speciality AC welding (such as thin gauge aluminium)

Grey Tipped – Ceriated Tungstens:  Very similar in welding characteristics to 2 % thoriated, ceriated tungstens are best used for welding carbon steel, stainless, nickel alloys and titanium.

White Tip – Zirconiated Tungstens:  Suitable for AC TIG welding only.  Produces a very stable arc when welding materials such as Aluminium.

Unsure what size and type to purchase?  Feel free to call or email for advice from one of our friendly sales team.