Which Generator?


A generator is generally not a small purchase, therefore its important that you buy the correct machine for your power requirements.  Below is some useful information when considering which generator you will require for your task(s).


How to select the right generator
  1. Add the wattage of each tool or appliance together to find the total number of watts (this information is generally found on the tool/appliance rating plate).  Alternatively, Mosa have created a helpful table showing average power requirements.  Simply drag the cursor to navigate the table below.


Mosa required generator power


2.  Check what, if any, additional starting power the tool or appliance requires – see load starting and appliance type guide

Electrical equipment such as air compressors, cement mixers, pumps and refrigerators normally require 2 – 3 times their normal running power to start.


Motor Starting Guide

Motor Size Running Watts Starting Watts
1/4″ HP 400 1050
1/2″ HP 600 1800
3/4″ HP 850 2600
1.0 HP 1100 3300
2.0 HP 2200 6600
3.0 HP 3300 9900


3.  Select the generating set – Include an additional 10% power for future use


Further useful information when selecting a generator:

1.0 0.75
1.5 1.12
2.0 1.49
3.0 2.24
5.0 3.73
7.5 5.59
10.0 7.46


Useful Power Conversions

1kW 1.25kVA
1kVA 0.8kW
1kW 1000W


To Find:

Watts calculate: Volts x Amps

Amps Calculate:  Watts/Volts