The Prof MIG range of compact MIG welders have remained almost an unchanged design for 20 years. Over this time, TecArc have sold over 12,000 models worldwide!

This year Technical Arc have made a number of changes to further improve this already very popular machine.
They remain 100% designed and manufactured in the UK.
The Prof MIG range uses tried and tested technology providing both ruggedness and reliability. Technical Arc are a member of the “Made in Britain” too and as such, comply with the requirement for a min 80% of the value chain from UK sources.

TecArc Prof MIG 2019
The new stronger and slimmer all metal case

Why Buy a TecArc?

TecArc provide 2 year warranties on the Professional MIG welder range and a 5 year warranty on the transformer (the heart of the machine). Guaranteed parts availability of 20 years means these Prof MIGs are serviceable and repairable for many years to come.

The TecArc Prof MIG is ideal for all light to medium welding applications. Automotive repair & fabrication, general maintenance & repair work, fabrication of sheet metal & tubular products, gates & railings, sculptures, etc.

At the heart of each machine is a copper wound transformer with industrial switches. A powerful European wire drive motor & other quality parts are built into the strong steel case. Every model has an output smoothing device which has been tuned to give a smooth stable weld every time you press the switch.


• Synergic control now standard for easy setting
• Updated, slimmer ergonomic case for improved looks
• Case is now stronger – finished in a robust phosphate and epoxy power coated finish
• Galvanized chassis
• Reverse polarity function now standard – weld with or without gas (gasless MIG wire required).
• Forced fan – improved cooling thanks to higher airflow and lower noise design
• All models weld down to 0.5mm metal (20amp min setting).
• 12 volt steps (8 for C181) for fine adjustment of power
• Updated output smoothing circuits to guarantee smooth welding
• Built in electronic burn back to finish every weld perfectly.


• 100% copper wound transformer with 5 year warranty.
• Very high efficiency = more weld power & lower running cost.
• Industry standard Euro torch connection.
• Wire size 0.6, 0.8 or 1.0 mm on 15kg or 5 kg spools.
• European wire drive system – feeds better than some 4 roll sets.
• Takes full size or smaller size gas cylinders.
• Higher duty cycle than most competitors’ machines.


Specification 230V Single phase181211221251301
Amps range20-180A20-210A20-22020-25020-300
Voltage steps812121212
OCV (no load volts)17-33V17-36V17-38V17-40A17-42A
Output weld smoothing devices.Unique reactive chokeUnique reactive chokeSmoothing capacitors + reactive chokeSmoothing capacitors + reactive chokeSmoothing capacitors + reactive choke
Duty cycle @ 60%90A120A130A135A190A
Duty cycle @ 35%120A155A170A175A245A
Input fuse (slow blow)230V 16A (13A OK for 90% power)230V 16/20A (13A OK to 75% output)230V 20A (13/16A OK to 75/80% output)230V 25/32A (16A OK to 70% output)230V 25/32A (16A OK to 60% output)
Welding wire0.6/0.8mm0.6/1.0mm0.6-1.00.6-1.00.6-1.2
Approx. weight44kg51kg52kg55kg60kg

Technical Arcs machines are incredibly popular being one of only a few still making machines in Britain. The simplicity and “tried and tested” technology also appeals to a lot of customers including Hobbyists and those in Industry.

Being a manufacturer of machines and an expert in the industry, they are able to build entirely bespoke welders. Should you have a function requirement or setting you would like added, feel free to ask one of our friendly sales team.