The Stealth XG is a good value PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) produced by SWP. Great looking and feature equipped, these systems tick all the boxes.

Helmet Optical Clarity

Located within the flip front of the helmet itself is a auto darkening filter (ADF) with shade, sensitivity and delay adjustments. The ADF supplied with these units are true colour vision, eliminating the green or blue views you would see in earlier non true colour helmets. The ADF reacter lens in the Stealth XG has been classified with an optical rating of 1/1/1/1, with 1 being the best result in each class:

  • Optical Class (Accuracy of Vision) – The first class in the rating system. This relates to the distortion to normal vision that the welding lens creates. A rating of 1 means that the distortion through the lens or ADF is minimal.
  • Diffusion of light – The 2nd number in the rating system takes into consideration impurities in the glass. Highest ratings in this class means materials are exceptionally clear and hence does not impede view. Lower cost helmets with lower ratings in this class will likely have more impurities and negatively effect the quality of view through the lens.
  • Homogeneity – The 3rd number in the classification system rates the light or dark areas within the lens or luminous transmittance. When a welding helmet lens is tested for this classification, the lens is adjusted between its shades. For example, if the shade of the lens was set to 11, the test would look at the variance of shade 11 in all areas of the lens, including the corners of the lens. If the shade remains the same through the entirety of the lens at each of the different shade settings, the ADF will score a maximum score of 1.
  • Angle dependence on luminous transmittance class – The last number of a welding helmet lens rating looks at the light or dark areas when viewing through the lens at different angles. Many helmets lenses will falter in this category, even some of the top ADF lenses will have a 1/1/1/2 rating. A lower ranked helmet will look darker when looking through the lens at an angle than when looking straight through it. With a rating of 1 as per the Stealth XG, the shade will remain the same whether looking straight through the lens or when looking upwards or sideways angles.

TH3 Inward Leakage

Inward leakage is the amount of fume which can leak into the system, exposing the wearers respiratory system. The Stealth XG also receives top marks in this class too, with TH3 being the best possible rating for PAPR systems.

TH relates to the inward leakage protection level of a complete system.
TH1: < 10%
TH2: < 2%
TH3: < 0.2%

The Stealth XG airfed system ensures PRSL filtration: Solid & Liquid Particules
R standing for re-usable filter (not to be mandatory disposed of/replaced after every working shift)

Assigned Protection factor
With the combination of TH3 inward leakage and PRSL filtration, the Stealth XG airfed systems guarantee an Assigned Protection Factor of 40 points under EN12941

Weltek Airkos filter classification factors

The TBWS Verdict

Well priced spares, great optical clarity, maximum user protection and a robust build quality make this a good choice for anyone considering air fed units at a reasonable price point. Spares are readily available for the Stealth XG and are reasonably priced too.

Supplied in the kit, is a good quality storage bag, with compartments for all the spares needed to maintain the helmet. The Stealth XG comes ready to use with a quick charge of the lithium ion battery.

Also supplied with the Stealth XG PAPR unit is a handy harness. The Stealth blower unit attaches to a supplied belt and the harness spreads the weight over the wearers shoulder for maximum comfort.