A well known brand in the welding industry, Oxford have been around for many years.  In the early days Oxford welders were know as being very heavy and bomb proof oil cooled machines, many of which are still in use today. 

Still built in Britain, Oxford welders are a premium brand utilising proven transformer technology with modern electronics to produce rugged equipment with all the perks of an inverter-based machine.  Perhaps one of the biggest advantages over inverter machines, Oxford welders are capable of very high welding amperages from single phase power supplies.  Arc welders producing over 320A using a single phase supply demonstrate the point well.

One of the few British built welders on the market today, Oxford make all their machines to order.  Each machine is made in Yorkshire using high grade components and can be made with a plethora of options to provide truly bespoke machines.  Oxford guarantee holding of spare parts for many of their machines for 20 years, ensuring maximum life span and serviceability of your purchase.


The Oxford Multi Arc Welders:  These are multi process machines capable of MMA, lift TIG DC TIG welding and with the addition of a wire feed unit, MIG welding too.  Offering good welding characteristics in each of the disciplines, the Multi Arc is a good machine to build on.  Its possible to buy the machine to hone skills in MMA and TIG, before later investing in a wire feed unit to embark on MIG welding.

Oxford MIG Maker:  Perhaps the most popular of the Oxford welder range.  The MIGMaker is a no nonsense MIG welding machine available as single phase, dual voltage or 3 phase.  With single phase machines capable of up to 330A, they are a good option when welding thick material with the limitation of a 230V supply.

Oxford Pulse MIG welders:  Offering excellent value for money, the pulsed MIGs by Oxford have high quality components to produce excellent welds, TIG like in appearance.

Oxford TIG Welders:  Again, available as single, 3 phase and 110V, the TIG Maker range are feature packed at a good price point.  Dedicated DC TIG welders for welding steels and AC/DC machines for Alloy welding.  With amperages starting from 5A, they are equally suited welding thin material as thicker gauge with the larger machines.


All Oxford welders come with a 2 year return to base warranty.  The heart of the machine, the transformer, comes supplied with a 5 year warranty. 

Looking to buy an Oxford welding machine?  Look no further than TBWS.  We have been supplying Oxford equipment for many years.  Our sales team are able to discuss the many options available and advise the best machine for the application.