TBWS Welding Supplies have been proud Jasic welding inverter suppliers for over 5 years. Over this time we have sold lots and lots of machines to many happy customers. This has given us a great insight to the quality of Jasic welding machines and also an oversight of how the warranty works, how fair it is and how quickly they resolve issues.

Firstly, let me start by saying that we do not have many machines being returned under warranty, this is testament to the quality and robustness of their machines. Secondly, the Jasic warranty is quibble free. We have been astounded by warranty repairs carried out on machines that have been used day in day out and look an absolute state and nearly 5 years old. We have sent welding machines back thinking, “that will never be repaired under warranty”, only to get it back quickly and fully working much to the customers surprise too! The customer in question has a fleet of Jasic machines, partly due to the back up they receive through us, the distributor.

There are myths which circulate online that the machine must be serviced yearly or that certain things aren’t covered etc This isn’t true. In the event of a breakdown, either the machine will be collected free of charge or an engineer will visit site to carry out the repair (on larger machines). TBWS Welding supplies Ltd facilitate the quick collection and repair of any Jasic machine. If you are local, you are welcome to bring it in for assessment and return to the Manchester HQ.


Up until September 2021, the end user receiving a new Jasic machine or the distributor, would need to register the machine on the Jasic warranty web page. The machines were supplied with a 2 year warranty as standard and online registration extended it for a further 3 years (5 in total). This procedure had been put in place so that accurate records could be kept of when the machine was first used and from when the 5 years starts.


From the 1st September 2021 all Jasic machines will be supplied straight out of the box with the 5 year warranty. No need to register! A QR code will be labelled on the box should you wish to register your new product though, you can. You will also be sent Jasic merchandise for your time.

So, whether you already own a Jasic welding inverter or you are looking to purchase one, you are safe in the knowledge that the 5 year warranty is there in the unlikely event you need it. No quibble, no hassle, no cost.

Jasic 5 Year Warranty
My Jasic Machine is Out of Warranty What Can I Do?

The UK importer for Jasic in the UK, Wilkinson Star, have a state of the art repairs centre based in Manchester. Unlike some other brand machines, Jasic are able to carry out diagnostics and repair to component level. This means that repairs are often much cheaper as a single component works out much cheaper than buying a new PCB for example. If you need your machine looked at, you are welcome to let us know and we can arrange a repair or inspection.